Fabrics and Decoration Essentials You Need for a Glamorous Wedding

Planning a wedding event is one of the most time consuming and tiring activities you can imagine doing. But it is also one of the most fulfilling as an event planner. Wedding events technically require planning for two events. First is the wedding itself, and the second for the wedding reception. You have to make sure that you’re your venue for the ceremony’s theme is in sync with the design of your reception. If you’re ceremony is done in the same venue as the reception, then it should be an easier task to pull off.

Now what are the essential decorations would you need? Here are a few of the decorations you can use but always make sure that decorations you use match the theme of your event.

  1. Chairs and Tables

Though chairs and tables are part of wedding reception, you have to make sure that the garments use to cover or decorate them are high quality cloth. This gives the impression of luxury and reflects throughout the reception area.

  1. Table Centerpiece

It may not be something a beginner planner may find something to focus on but centerpieces are essential to making the venue look more glamorous. Centerpieces create attraction through elegance. It would be suggested that the centerpiece would not be too big to block the persons view to see across the table.

  1. Wedding Isle Decoration

For the ceremony and reception, where the bride and groom would walk should be decorated to give emphasis to the march. The march is one of the most important scene in a wedding ceremony and complimenting it with a gorgeous set of isle flowers will definitely create a lasting memory to the couple and the guests.

  1. Lighting

This is often missed out on weddings. Lighting is not usually focused on by event planners but having a good lighting in your venue creates good and artistic photos. Making sure that your lighting supports photos taken with a mobile phone can help create an amazing social media album.

  1. Flatware

Flatware are rarely considered as decoration, but they add a good scene effect. Having nice and appealing flatware creates stunning tables that is appealing to look at and sit on throughout the program.

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